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Exclusief interview met Knowledge Cotton Apparel

Bylauri spotte dit merk twee jaar geleden al tijdens de Modefabriek. Eerder dit jaar liepen we wederom tegen het leuke uilenlogo aan tijdens de Bread&Butter. De hoogste tijd om jullie op de hoogte te brengen over dit Deense familiebedrijf. Knowledge Cotton Apparel bestaat al sinds 1969 en is al meer dan veertig jaar in handen van de familie Mørup. Deze katoenkenners focussen zich enkel en alleen op hedendaagse mannenmode. Kwaliteit, duurzaamheid en geschiedenis zijn belangrijke kernwaarden van dit merk.

Bylauri sprak met Mette Mørup, spokesperson van Knowledge Cotton Apparel

How would you describe the brand’s philosophy?

Our brand, daily life and business is built on the philosophy of ‘Gain Knowledge. Take Action. Earn respect’. Our founding philosophy is one that hopes to spread knowledge, encourage discussion and take the leap from individual to collective participation. We believe that we each as individuals can play a small role in really changing the world. We only use 100% Organic Cotton and other sustainable material in our collections. Out of respect for our earth, for health and quality of the cotton farmers we work with and their families, and out of respect for the consumer.

What is your role within the company?

Purchase, sourcing, sustainability

What is the power of Danish brands in general?

I think actually Danish brands are so strong in the international market because they have an eye for creating a design which is likable to many people. It’s a specific Scandinavian look, very simple mostly, but with a kind of richness that attracts people.

What are the trends for upcoming season?

Our fall12 collection is a unique combination of styles from the 70’ties with an elegant mix of tailored craftsmanship. It’s a mixture of sports and fashion. Colourful sweaters, classic stripes, relaxed styles in washed down warm colours.

Who is your favorite menswear designer?

We are inspired by our own history and we aim to create our own unique style. We believe that what characterizes good design is the ability to create a fresh look and feel while keeping true to our unique brand aesthetic, and ensuring consistency in quality and approach from season to season. Most of our garments have been specially treated and washed to give each garment character and to support the appearance of time and history.

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